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Appeal for Donations to China Schools in Earthquake Area
    May 13th, 2008
    Dear Alumni and Friends:
    A massive earthquake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter Scale, rocked Wenchuan County of China's Sichuan Province on May 12, 2008, resulting in a death toll of more than 12,000, many more injuries, and tremendous economic loss. The powerful quake flattened many school buildings in the disaster area, killing and injuring numerous school children and teachers.
    While the Chinese government and the whole nation are mobilized to help the people in the disaster area, many PKU alumni and friends in the USA are asking PKUEF (USA) to give their support, and some of them have already sent in their donations. The Peking University Education Foundation (USA) has initiated a special Fund Raising Program for the middle and primary schools in the disaster area in China. All donations will be transferred to benefit schools within a month.
    1. Donate by check
     Please make checks payable to:
     Peking University Education Foundation (USA)
     for China earthquake relief
    Send your donations to:
     510 Broadway, Suite 300
     Millbrae, CA 94030
    2. Donate through your employer’s charitable gift matching program
    Many companies have policies of matching employees' charitable donations. We encourage you to get your company to match your personal donations.
    Please note:
    1. 100% of the donations will be used for the schools and children in the disaster area; no overhead is charged.
    2. PKUEF (USA) will provide the tax deductible receipts to each donation. PKUEF (USA) is a non-profit organization and qualifies for US federal tax exemption under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our EIN number is 943278466.
    3. A report on all the donations will be publicly available.
    4. All the donor names will be published in the honor roll of PKUEF (USA) Newsletter.
    On behalf of the people of the disaster area, we thank you for your support and generous donations.
    Peking University Education Foundation (USA)
    Tel: 650-259-9883 Fax: 650-652-9154

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