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Update of the China Earthquake Relief Fund at PKUEF (USA)(Sept. 17, 2008)
    I. Till August 31, 2008, we have received donations of $486,159.7 from 626 gifts.
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    II. Program Updates:
    After the second conference on support to the rebuilding programs in June, Peking University informed the Social Work Development Bureau in Wolong that some of the donations from Peking University faculty and students will join in the fund raised by PKUEF (USA) to rebuild the schools.
    The related government departments are working on the rebuilding plans and budgets. All the donations to PKUEF (USA) will be transferred after the rebuilding plan and budget are finalized.
    III. We reaffirm that all 100% of the donation will be used for the program and no management fees will be charged. All the program information will be open, including the planning, the budget of rebuilding, the balance of the fund raised and spent. PKUEF (USA) will join hand with PKUEF (Beijing) and PKUAA and all possible resources at PKU to make it a success. We welcome any inquiry and suggestions from alumni and donors.

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