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PKUAAGNY Leaders Gathered to Plan for 2009 And Beyond

    On Jan 30, Peking University Alumni Association of Great New York (PKUAAGNY) executive committee members and a few other key leaders and volunteers gathered to plan for an even better 2009 and beyond.
    Building on the momentum in 2008, PKUAAGNY executive committee plans to push the organization to new heights in 2009 by making efforts in the following three directions:
    1. Create the right infrastructure to build the foundation for long term success, specifically the right organizational structure and leadership transition mechanism.
    2. Build the foundation by creating ways for more alumni to get involved. In particular, the association will make it possible for alumni to take on defined scope of work (e.g. be an event photographer or a career mentor for junior alumni), which would demand less time and effort.
    3. Further improve the quality and efficiency of existing programs and introduce new programs. PKUAAGNY has formalized a basic framework of three key public activities throughout the year: the Anniversary Celebration around May 4th, the Summer/Fall Outing, and the Year End Party.
    In addition to this basic framework of activities, the association will also have other activities to address specific needs of our alumni. For instance, in 2009, PKUAAGNY will focus more on helping Wall Street alumni with networking and career development. The first Wall Street alumni networking gathering was held on Friday March 6.
    To commemorate the 111th Anniversary of Peking University and the 90th Anniversary of the May 4th Movement, the Association has decided to host Conference 2009 on May 2, 2009. The objective of this conference is to discuss key social and economic development issues of the day, highlight the achievements of our alumni in various industries, and help alumni old and new better navigate a more challenging career development environment going forward. Stay tuned for more detailed announcement on this important initiative.
    The January 30 gathering includes key leaders of Beijing Medical University alumni Association in New York, Dr. Lei Ding, Dr. Rong Wang, Dr. Eric Shi and Dr. Hongjun Chen as well as past presidents of Peking University Alumni Association of Eastern America (the predecessor of PKUAAGNY), Gene Mei and Scott Shi. The Executive Team of PKUAAGNY thanks their continued support, counsel and contribution.

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