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Report of the China Earthquake Relief Fund at PKUEF (USA)
    Dear donors,
    Thank you for your generous support to China Earthquake Relief Program. We write report to you that as of Dec. 15, 2008, PKUEF (USA) has received 617 gifts from 555 individuals and organizations (matching gifts were added to correspondent donors) to the China Earthquake Relief Fund, totaling $ 499,873.57.
    As announced in the donation appeals, the fund raised will be used for the rebuilding of schools in the earthquake areas. Our initial plan was to support the rebuilding of schools in the Wolong Nature Reserve Area. But as the government relief policies are being carried out, the Hong Kong SAR Government has been engaged in the rebuilding of Wolong Natural Reserve, funding the costs of school rebuilding.
    We fully respect donor wishes as to the use of the fund. Therefore, based on many discussions and surveys, through the cooperation of Peking University we decided to choose Beijie Primary School in Guangyuan, Sichuan as the beneficiary.
    Beneficiary Information
    The Beijie Primary School is located in Lizhou District, Guangyuan City, in the northern mountains of the Sichuan Basin. Though ranked No. 13 in the 51 worst-hit counties listed by the government, the Lizhou district is located in the downtown area of the Guanyuan City, thus was not offered the “counterpart support” from other government agencies. The restoration of education, healthcare and other public service rely on social donations.
    The Beijie Primary School is Guanyuan City’s model school with history of a century. It offers high quality elementary education to the local population of about 100,000 people and has earned high reputation. Now there are 2,633 students, taught by 107 teachers in 42 classes.
    The earthquake severely damaged the school. Fortunately, no teacher or students were killed, but the main teaching building was destructively damaged and was later dismantled in July, 2008. Currently, all available buildings are being used as classrooms, but about 1000 students are still taking classes in the movable plank houses which are chilly cold in winter.
    Rebuilding Plan of Beijie Primary School
    The local government has worked out the rebuilding plan for the school.
    1. Construction Area. Teaching Building: 5000 m2 (4000 m2 for classrooms, 1000 m2 for teachers’ offices); Sport Ground: 3600 m2; Accessory Facilities: 6 projects (including the green land, school fence wall).
    2. Budget. RMB 10.2 million (Teaching Building: 9 million; Sport Ground: 0.7 million; Accessory Facilities: 0.5 million).
    Note: Peking University has decided to transfer the donations it raised from alumni, faculty and students (6,798,642.25 RMB) to support the rebuilding of Beijie Primary School. PKUEF (USA) adds $ 499,873.57(= about 3.41 million RMB) to the project. The two batches will be good enough to cover the total budget.
    3. Construction Standard. The standards are consistent with the National Act on Construction Standards for Middle and Primary School in Cities. The building will be designed in cast-in-place complete frame structure to stand earthquakes at the magnitude scale of 8.0.
    4. Construction Schedule.
    The construction is planed to start in March, 2009 and complete in December, 2009.
    The total relief fund of $500,000.00 has been transferred to Guangyuan City of Sichuan Province.
    On behalf of the victims in Sichuan earthquake-stricken areas, we would like to thank you once again. Because of your generosity and care, the kids could go back to school.
    Any idea or suggestion for our work are always welcome and appreciated.
    Best Regards,
    Peking University Education Foundation (USA)

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