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Shechao Charles Feng Scholarship Support Students from Earthquake Areas for Four Years
    Three students at School of Physics have been awarded the Shechao Charles Feng Scholarship, a special scholarship donated by Mr. Zhao Ping, an alumnus of Physics of Peking University.
    The scholarship is specially designed to support three students in Peking University Physics School, who are directly affected by the Sichuan earthquake last May, for 5000 RMB per student per year, for four years. Total gifts of about $500,000 from over 600 alumni and friends have been poured into PKUEF(USA) for China earthquake relief, which has been completely transferred to rebuild Beijie Primary School in Guangyuan, Sichuan Province.
    Besides the special scholarship for PKU¡¯s earthquake relief, Mr. Zhao Ping also funded a Regular Shechao Charles Feng Scholarship which supports one student of Physics for four years in college.

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