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2009 PKUAAGNY & BJMUAAGNY Alumni Picnic in New York

    2009 PKUAAGNY & BJMUAAGNY Summer Picnic, co-hosted by Peking University Alumni Association of Greater New York and Beijing Medical University Alumni Association of Greater New York, was held in New York City¡¯s Central Park on September 21st. The sunny and lovely weather was perfect for the picnic that day, and more than 200 alumni, their family members and friends gathered. The participating alumni and friends included both young new comers to NYC and older generations who graduated from Peking University in the 1950s and 1960s. They met new friends and chatted with old friends on the lawn, while the red school flag of Peking University made them recall their fond memories.
    This picnic marks the first time that PKUAAGNY and BJMUAAGNY co-hosted an event. Mr. Xinyue Lou, President of PKUAAGNY, reported on the work of PKUAAGNY since beginning of this year and made the announcement of 2011 US Conference of Peking University Alumni to be held in New York. Mr. Lou welcomed alumni to support the association and to join in as volunteers, making the association a real ¡°home to alumni¡±. In response to some senior alumni, Mr. Lou said PKUAAGNY would strengthen the service to senior alumni going forward.
    The strong support of participating alumni is crucial to the successful holding of this summer picnic. Dr. Lei Ding and Dr. Hongjun Chen generously made monetary donations to this event. Mr. Rong Wang, President of BJMUAAGNY, and his wife Mrs. Hong Lu led the preparations which evidenced a scientist¡¯s way of doing things. Sam Zhang, Vivien Chen, Yanli Zhang, Coco Kee, Yansong Jiang, Qiong Qin and other members of PKUAAGNY Executive Committee contributed a lot to the success of the picnic. Qixiu Chen and Shihai Liu provided the online registration support. Mr. Xuzeng Wu, former President of BJMUAAGNY, Mr. Steve Zhu and Mr. Ying Xu, board members of PKUAAGNY, also joined in. The Sichuan food supplied by Tianfu restaurant was well received by the participants. The participating alumni gave very good feedback to this event.

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