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PKUAA NC Annual Conference and Scholarship
    Peking University Alumni Association North California held its annual conference on May 22, 2011 and called on alumni to donate for a scholarship at PKUEF (USA).
    For more information of the annual conference and scholarship, please see the link: PKUAA NC Annual Conference 2011
    The Scholarship will be awarded to students with excellent academic performance at Peking University. Each scholarship will be $800.
    To date, four alumni associations have set up scholarships at PKUEF (USA), namely, the PKUAA Houston, South California, Greater New York and North California. More than 30 students at PKU will receive scholarships from these alumni gifts annually.
    For donations to these scholarships, please note on your check or in email that gifts are made to BAA Houston Scholarship, PKUAA SC Scholarship, PKUAA GNY Scholarship or PKUAA NC Scholarship respectively.
    We sincerely thank you for your support.

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