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Dr. Leo Koguan Meeting The Leo Koguan Scholarship Winners

    Dr. Leo Koguan, the Chairman of Leo Koguan Foundation and Honorary Trustee of PKU addressed the Leo Koguan Scholarship recipients after the awarding ceremony. From his childhood to his charity career, Dr. Leo Koguan elaborated his philosophy about ¡°Tian Min Ren¡±, referring to many schools of Chinese thoughts originating from Huangdi and integrated his own experience, imagination and modern sciences. He believes that everyone has his own potential and can become an outstanding individual who promotes the welfare of human society.
    Dr. Leo said: ¡°I believe the meaning of life is participating in life itself, actively engaging life to pursue one¡¯s dream, whatever it might be¡±. I cannot agree more with your opinion and I learned a lot from it. As a youth in modern world, as a law student in Peking University, I have strong responsibility to our nation and even the world. Everyone has a dream. Mine is to make China¡¯s law system more free, just and democratic.¡ªZhu Lin, LLM Student, 2010

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