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18 Disciplines of PKU Rank World Top 1%
    Essential Science Indicators (ESI) in March 2012 demonstrates that in Agricultural Sciences Peking University has 137 papers with 940 total citations indexed by ESI, and is therefore ranked the top 1% of all institutions in Agricultural Sciences in the world. It became the 18th disciplines of PKU that have entered the top 1% in the world following Economics & Business which made its way to the top 1% in July 2011.
    PKU had only four disciplines acknowledged as top 1% in 2002. However, during the last years, PKU has been devoting to a grand project of ¡°building a world class university¡±, an all-out endeavor that laid much effort in disciplinary construction and development. Achievements are conspicuous with 18 disciplines ranked as leading in the world. These disciplines include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Biochemistry, Engineering, Materials Science, Plant & Animal Science, Geosciences, Environment/Ecology, Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Computer Science, Neuroscience & Behavior, Molecular Biology & Genetics, Psychiatry/Psychology, General Social Sciences, Economics & Business and Agricultural Sciences. These disciplines are far ahead in Chinese universities and colleges.
    The disciplinary classification of Essential Science Indicators is based on a recent 10-year period recorded data of about 10 million articles, notes, and reviews, published in 11,380 SCI and SSCI indexed journals. Essential Science Indicators categorizes these journals into 22 broad disciplines, and then assigns each paper to a discipline¡ªand only one discipline¡ªbased on the journal in which it appears. ESI statistics is based on a 10-year rolling file which is updated every two months. ESI selects the top 1% of articles by total citations in each annual cohort from each of the 22 disciplines, providing analytical criteria for scientists, institutions, and countries. By scanning the total citations of published articles in the recent 10-year data file, ESI selects the top 1% of all institutional affiliations in each discipline. The selected institutions can again be evaluated and ranked according to the total number of articles and citations. Institutions that enter the top 1% in its discipline are redeemed as high level institutions in the world.

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