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    With the wide support and participation of many PKU alumni graduated from College of Life Sciences (and from the original Department of Biology), the Peking University Education Foundation (USA) established ¡°The PKU-BIO Teacher Fund¡± in 2011 in order to honor and support senior and retired teachers who made great contribution in teaching, education and research in Life Sciences at Peking University.
    The Biology discipline has been established at Peking University since 1918 when Mr. Tsai Yuen-pei served as the President of Peking University. During the past decades, the college has turned out more than 5,000 graduates and many have achieved remarkably in their career, among whom 27 alumni have been selected as academicians at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering. According to the world university ranking released on the website of ¡°U.S. News and World Report¡± in 2010, Peking University ranked No. 19 in the world in both natural sciences and life sciences and medicine and ranked No. 1 among Chinese Universities.
    There are currently over 180 retired teachers at College of Life Sciences, and among them, more than 130 are over 70 years old. The PKU-BIO Teacher Fund offers financial aid and emergency support to those teachers on need-basis. We sincerely invite alumni of College of Life Sciences and friends to support the PKU-BIO TEACHER FUND. You can donate through the ways of giving listed on this website.
    For more information about the program, please visit this website:

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