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103 Teachers and Students Awarded the 10th Choong Shin-Piaw Physics Fund and the 6th Choong Chen Yu-



























On May 14, 2012, the joint award presentation of the 10th Peking University Choong Shin-Piaw Physics Education Fund and the 6th Choong Chen Yu-lan Education Fund was held in the School of Chemistry, Peking University. Dr. Philip and Hsia Choong, the founders of these two funds, and Professor Xie Xincheng, the dean of Peking University School of Physics, attended the ceremony together with 103 awardees.
Dr. Philip Choong addressed the ceremony, pointing out that with its fast growth of economy and gradual improvement on infrastructure, China is facing a series of new problems during development, such as the sharp rise in CO2 emissions. Dr. Philip Choong encouraged the awarded teachers and students to focus on their research and make constant innovations, in order to contribute their intelligence and work to solving the problems in the new era.
Professor Xie Xincheng expressed his genuine gratitude to Dr. Philip and Hsia Choong for their continuous support for scientific innovations and cultivating talents throughout the years. Professor Xie introduced that since its establishment, Choong Shin-Piaw Graduate Seminar has captivated and engaged many graduate students in the School of Physics, helping them improve their research abilities and communication skills. The fellowship for teachers, covering all ages of professors and teachers who made outstanding contributions to teaching and scientific research, has gained a high reputation and much influence among the teachers.
Professor Philip Choong and Dr. Hsia Choong presented the awards to the teachers and students. After the award presentation, Mr. Zhang Guohui, Associate Professor at the School of Physics, spoke as the representative of teachers. He shared his reflections on scientific research, stressing that he should bear a creative spirit and realistic attitude in every stage of research. Qiu Di, ’10 Doctoral candidate at the School of Chemistry, spoke as the representative of students. He thanked Dr. Philip and Hsia Choong’s care and support for the students, and promised to pursue academic research with an enthusiastic heart and accept challenges in science. He said he would follow Dr. Philip and Hsia Choong to pay back the society and devote himself into promoting the well-being of humankind.

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