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2012 Gathering of Alumni Association of Southern California Scholarship Awardees



The gathering of PKU Alumni Association of Southern California Scholarship awardees went off in Peking University, on November 23, 2012. Mr. Rong Jie, PKU ’95 alumnus of Mechanics Department, and former vice president of PUAASC, had pleasant talk with the scholarship awardees. Ten PKU students from various regions including Xinjiang, Tibet, Ningxia, Henan, Anhui and Fujian, were awarded the PUAASC scholarship this year. They came from the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, the School of Life Sciences, Guanghua School of Management, Law School, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, and the School of Environmental Science and Engineering.
During the gathering, Mr.Rong Jie first introduced to students his experience at school and growth after graduation. His position as a senior fellow student brought him and the students much closer. Rong Jie also introduced the primary objectives and purposes of the establishment of PUAASC scholarship. In Rong’s opinion, launching the scholarship considerably enhanced the cohesiveness within the association, urging the alumni to participate more actively in all charity works held by the association. The establishment of PUAASC scholarship was aimed at not only offering students financial support, but also developing a bond with financially disabled students at PKU, in order to help them realize personal transition from being helped by others to helping themselves, and finally helping others.
Rong Jie then learnt the study and living condition of the awarded students one by one, and answered their questions on study based on his own experience. Hearing that Qimei, a Tibetan girl, planned to return to Lhasa after graduating from Law School and contribute to the judicial system of her hometown, Rong Jie praised her highly and supportively, and offered generous advice to her future plan.
At last, Rong Jie expressed his gratitude toward and recognition of Peking University Education Foundation (USA). He hoped that PUAASC would have more and better opportunities to work with PKU Education Foundation (USA), so that more PKU students could gain support and devoted themselves to the establishment and development of the human society.
Since its establishment three years ago, PUAASC scholarship has funded 30 financially disabled students at Peking University, and has strongly promoted their personal growth and cultivation.

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