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The Gathering of David Fang and Yi Ling Pan Scholarship Awardees Went Well



On the afternoon of November 27, Mr. David Fang and Ms. Yi Ling Pan, the founders of Peking University David Fang and Yiling Pan Scholarship, paid a special trip to Yan Yuan to see the awarded students and had pleasant talk with them.
Mr. David Fang spoke for the influence of dream on life, based on his 29 years of hard work in America, saying that those who dare to dream can change the world. David Fang encouraged young students to be ambitious and have a global insight, and make contributions to the development of our country and the progress of the world and mankind. With various supporting citations and instances, David Fang talked about the value of faith. He said, faith will bring out the best in whether an individual or a nation. During his speech, David Fang made several references to the wisdom of “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”. He encouraged the students to remain curious about everything, refuse mediocrity and try to surpass themselves.
Ms. Yiling Pan learnt the study and living condition of the awarded students. She shared interesting experience during her school years, and incited the students to valuable individuals. Li Jing from the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences was an awardee in 2010. She said the help from others is joyous warmth on her way to advance, urging her to be independent and self-contained. Hearing the excellent report from the students, Mr. and Mrs. Fang felt much gratified. In response to the students’ gratitude, Mr. David Fang spoke plainly that they expected nothing to return except for a commitment. He urged the students to embrace life with a warm heart, care for others and repay to their alma mater and the society with greater achievements.
Background information
On April 4, 2010, PKU Alumni Association of Southern California held the Weiming Forum and charity banquet. Mr. David Fang, a well-known Chinese attorney in Southern California and the president of California Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and his wife Ms. Yi Ling Pan, donated money at the scene to set up David Fang and Yi Ling Pan Scholarship in order to support outstanding PKU students to finish their studies. On May 20, 2012, PUAASC held 2012 Peking University Day of Southern California and charity banquet. Mr. David Fang and Ms. Yi Ling Pan actively participated in the auction, and promised to continue encouraging and supporting outstanding PKU students.

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