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Alumni¡¯s Return to Yan Yuan: BAA Houston Scholarship Panel Went Off



On the afternoon of Dec 14, the former president of Peking University Alumni Association of Houston, Professor Pan Qisheng paid a special visit to PKU to attend the 2011-2012 Peking University Scholarships Awarding Ceremony. He gave awards to BAA Houston Scholarship awardees and talked to the awarded students at a panel in Wenshi Building after the ceremony. Professor Pan¡¯s kindness, passion and sense of humor left a deep impression on all the students present.
Professor Pan Qisheng first talked about his feelings about the Awarding Ceremony. He gladly told the young students that he envied their opportunity to receive the prize, for those rewards are recognition of one¡¯s value and belong to the most precious memory in youth. Professor Pan recalled how, in those days during the 1980s, without efficient communication, the work of the PKU teachers in charge of admissions helped him enter the Yan Yuan and study at the less known Department of Geology. When asked about how to deal with the development of so-called ¡°byway¡± disciplines. Professor Pan used his transition from science to engineering and his studies in China and America as example, telling the students that their attitude toward and ability of scholarship are more significant than their subject of study. He encouraged the students to dare to question, to extract meaning from small things, and to enhance their cooperative spirit.
Later, Professor Pan shared his interesting stories and understanding of life based on his 20 years of experience in America. He said that it is difficult to foretell the fortune of life, yet one important thing is to live at and get hold of every moment. He encouraged young students to pursue their dreams, learn to explore and expound their own advantages to the extreme. Professor Pan said everyone¡¯s life is bound with perplexity and confusion, in which ups and downs alternate with each other. We have to treat life with lenience, tolerate all differences, rejoice in trails and progress incessantly. Near the end of the panel, Professor Pan conveyed the genuine greetings from alumni of PKU Alumni Association of Houston, and gave his contact information to the students, saying that he was much willing to answer their further questions. Zhang Shenjian from the School of Earth and Space Sciences is a BAA Houston Scholarship awardee, and a volunteer at the awarding ceremony. He said the ceremony and the panel helped him learn more about the appraisal of scholarships at school and the work of PKU Education Foundation. More importantly, communicating with PKU alumnus illuminated him a lot, broadened his view and encouraged him to keep on advancing.

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