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PKU held Hina Scholarship Meeting: Dr. Chen Hong Shared Life Wisdom with Awardees


 On Dec 14, the snow-white campus of PKU witnessed the 2011-2012 Peking University Scholarships Awarding Ceremony. Dr. Chen Hong, chairman and CEO of The Hina Group attended the ceremony and gave awards to Hina Scholarship awardees. After the ceremony, a Hina Scholarship Meeting was held in Wenshi Building, where Dr. Chen Hong met with over 30 awarded students of this year and had friendly talks.




2012 is the fifth year since Hina Scholarship started to support PKU freshmen annually, and over 200 students were awarded the prize. As the donor of the scholarship and a father of an excellent PKU graduate, Dr. Chen Hong holds deep understanding of the students’ efforts to get into this outstanding university and their potential confusions after their first step into the campus. In order to fully understand what the students were thinking and to solve their problems, Dr. Chen Hong suggested that the awarded students share their experiences and feelings after a semester in PKU one by one. The students spoke up freely, one saying that the new environment made him find out a new goal to strive for and drove him to advance constantly, another mentioning his bewilderment of facing the colorful college life, one speaking of his will to compete with the multitude of outstanding students, another finding that the gap between reality and expectation has caused him to question himself, while another expressing his wish to move on with steady steps in college life.


Hearing the talks of all awarded students, Dr. Chen Hong gave his opinion on their conditions and questions. He said that PKU gathers the most talented students from all over the country, and it is unavoidable for some to feel unfitted at the beginning of college, but all these are just temporary problems. Dr. Chen Hong shared the story of his daughter about how she overcame the difficulties in language and thinking mode through unremitting efforts and reasonable planning, and finally adapted herself well into the university. Dr. Chen Hong encouraged the students to stand firmly for their ideals and convictions, concentrated on and actively work on things of their interest, and never give up in life because of a temporary setback.


After the meeting, Dr. Chen Hong had photos taken with the awarded students as souvenirs. The 2011-2012 Hina Scholarship Meeting ended in a happy and warm atmosphere.

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