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Delegation of PKU visits the United States and Canada

From 7th to 9th of May, President of Peking University Lin Jianhua led a delegation to the United States and Canada to visit Harvard University, University of Toronto, Massachusetts General Hospital and participate in the Peking University New England Alumni Association activities.

Talents introduction meeting

Group photo of the annual meeting of Peking University New England Alumni Association

On the morning of 7th, President Lin joined the Peking University faculty appointment meeting held in Harvard Medical School. President Lin talked with nearly 30 brilliant young scholars, postdoctoral and doctoral students who are interested in returning to school to teach, introduced Peking University¡¯s talent introduction policy and encouraged them to return to develop. In the afternoon, President Lin and his entourage attended the annual meeting of Peking University New England Alumni Association at the Library of Harvard University. Lin gave a speech and said that Peking University will pay more attention to academic development, provide a better platform for students to grow and cultivate talents that can lead the future.

The delegation visiting Harvard Medical School

On the morning of 8th, the delegation called on the dean of Harvard Medical School and several college experts to discuss the prospects for cooperation in the field of medicine. The two sides hoped to find a new cooperation point in the medical development in Shenzhen campus and to establish an updated and more comprehensive cooperation model, such as joint drug R&D center and cooperative training courses.

Subsequently, the delegation visited the Center for Middle East Studies and met with Director William Granara. William gave an overall introduction to the center¡¯s positioning, mode of operation and research areas. Meantime, William hoped to establish a wider range of cooperation and faculty-student exchange projects with Peking University. President Lin also pointed out that Peking University will pay more attention to country and regional studies and hoped that two schools can carry out more in-depth exchanges in the field of Middle East research and organize high-end academic conferences jointly to strengthen the mutual understanding between two sides.

Signing a Memorandum of Cooperation with Massachusetts General Hospital

In the afternoon, the delegation went to the Massachusetts General Hospital and called on Harry Orf, vice president of Research, James Brink, director of Radiology and David Louis, director of Pathology. During the talks, the two sides had an extensive discussion in the areas of clinical medicine, big data research and sharing of research platform. After the meeting, representatives of the two sides signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between Peking University and Massachusetts General Hospital and the two sides will conduct deep cooperation in the field of biomedical imaging.

Meeting with President Drew Faust

On the morning of 9th, President Lin met with President of Harvard University, Drew Faust. Lin reviewed the history of cooperation between the two universities, pointed out the two sides have made fruitful academical achievements in many areas, including urbanization, environment and climate change and historical big data and hoped that the two universities can carry out further cooperation in the field of medical research and regional studies. Drew welcomed Lin to Harvard University again and expressed her willingness to see cooperation between the two schools go with a swing and hoped that the future cooperation between the two schools will achieve greater results.

Visiting University of Toronto

In the afternoon, the delegation arrived in Toronto, Canada, visited University of Toronto, and held talks with President Meric Gertler. The two sides made deep exchanges in the field of urban planning, medical research and general education. The two sides are planning to hold an academic forum this fall entitled ¡°Understanding China-Global Cities for the 21st Century¡± at the University of Toronto. Peking University will also take this opportunity to invite university of London and other high-level institutions to hold joint academic forums and cooperation projects in the future. At the same time, the two sides showed a strong interest in carrying out cooperation in Shenzhen campus. The delegation of Peking University¡¯s visit to University of Toronto was highly valued by the local embassy, and Ms. Yang Xinyu, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Canada, attended the event.

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