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Olympic Pingpong Gymnasium

View of Designed Olympic Pingpong Gymnasium
    With Beijing being selected as the host city for the XXIX Olympic Games, 2008 will witness the debut of the Olympics in China. The Pingpong matches will be held in Peking University, one of China¡¯s most prestigious universities. Therefore, Peking University is undertaking the construction of the PKU Olympic Pingpong Gymnasium, which has received formal approvals from the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
    To fully embody the Olympic spirit of participation, Peking University has decided to launch a worldwide fundraising project to construct a world-class Olympic Pingpong Gymnasium.
    Abiding by requirements from the IOC, the Gymnasium will cover a construction area of 26,000 m2, providing 6,000 permanent seats and 2,000 temporary ones. With all facilities matching the highest international standards, it will require a total investment of about RMB 260 million yuan (US $31.7 million). The construction will commence in 2005 and be complete by 2007.
    After the Olympic Games, the facility will be adapted for use as the primary gymnasium for PKU. As one of China¡¯s first-rate collegiate gyms, it will further improve the caliber of Peking University¡¯s reputation.
    Contributions to the PKU Olympic Gym
    The minimum sum for each donation is RMB 10,000 yuan, or US $1,250. The fundraising project has an overall goal of RMB 260 million yuan,or US $31.7 million. Large donations are especially welcome and appreciated.
    The Peking University Education Foundation (USA) is a California-based non-profit organization (501 C (3)). Its mission is to strengthen ties between Peking University (PKU) and North America. Friends abroad can send donations directly to PKUEF (USA).
    Ways of Acknowledgement
    ¡õ Names of the donors will be inscribed on the Memorial Wall of the new Pingpong Gym;
    ¡õ Donation Certificates will be awarded;
    ¡õ A list of donors will be publicized in the Annual Report of PKUEF (USA); and
    ¡õ Names of donors will be publicized on PKU website.
    We sincerely invite our friends at home and abroad to support our ¡°PKU Olympic Pingpong Gym Program¡± and to contribute to the Beijing Olympics and PKU gym construction. Our pooled strength will be remembered in history together with the prominent athletic achievements of the 2008 Olympic Pingpong games.

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