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Faculty & Enrollment & Teaching
    At present, Peking University has over 4,574 teachers, 2,691 of whom are full or associate professors. Among the teachers are not only a number of senior professors of high academic standing and world fame, but also a host of creative young and middleaged experts who have been working at the forefront of teaching and research.
    Peking University has:
    49 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
    8 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
    8 academicians of the Third World Academy of Sciences
    58 "Changjiang Scholarship" Professors
    1135 doctoral supervisors.
    At present, Peking University has 46,074 students.
    15,001 undergraduates
    8,119 master candidates
    3,956 doctoral candidates
    18,998 candidates for a correspondence courses or study at the night school
    1,776 international students from 62 countries and regions
    Peking University has made reforms in its teaching. It has revised its teaching project in an all-round way with the aim to cultivate the students' practical ability and creative power. As a result, the teaching of basic courses is strengthened, the content of courses is enriched and renewed and favorable conditions have been created, for the students to develop themselves in extracurricular activities.
    In order to apply the principle of teaching the students in accordance with their aptitude, the university has put into practice a credit system, which allows the students to select their own courses provided that they fulfill the requirements for their majors. This system encourages the students to select courses out of their respective majors or departments.
    According to the system, students who have earned enough credits ahead of the required time are allowed to graduate earlier. Undergraduates of good character and scholarship can be recommended in their graduating year to continue their study for Master's degrees without taking qualifying examinations, The style of "Being diligent, rigorous, realistic and creative" in learning is energetically advocated on the campus.

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