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Chairman's Message

    On behalf of the Board of Trustees and all my colleagues at PKUEF(USA), I extend our heartfelt gratitude and paramount reverence to all PKU friends and alumni who have been kindly supporting the Foundation.
    Peking University was established in the Hundred Days Reform in the late 19th century. Since it¨s inception 110 years ago, Peking University has become a center for education, not only nationwide, but also worldwide. The University has been contributing significantly to the modernization of China and development of human civilizations. It is from Peking University that many outstanding intellectuals initiate their first step to promote higher education, world awareness and social development. Currently, the world is developing at an unprecedented rate and modern education is the leading accelarating force behind the rapid development. Peking University realizes its historical mission and will spare no efforts to build itself a world-class university.
    Founded in April 2001, PKUEF (US) has become a tie connecting the University and her friends and alumni in US, providing a platform for strengthening international cooperation and exchange. It is with your active support and participation that PKUEF (US) has grown to be thus in the past four years, establishing her working mechanism, and steadfastly developing the network and fund-raising cause.
    Spring time comes, with verdant beauty by the side of the Pagoda, the Unnamed Lake, and the Library on campus. With your support for us, PKUEF (US) will surely make greater contribution to the development of the University on her way toward a world-class university of prestige!
    Xu Zhihong

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