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Student Research Fund
To encourage and support the undergraduates of Peking University to take up scientific research at an earlier time, cultivate their interest, and tap into their potentials in seeking scientific solutions for common problems.
Program Plan:
  • The funds will offer grants to scientific research programs organized and conducted by undergraduates at Peking University.
  • The amount of each grant will depend on the budget and evaluation of each program.
Giving Plans:
  • Annual Program: For each program, donors are encouraged to make a gift of 150,000 RMB or more in one payment or a gift of 50,000 RMB or more per year for 3 consecutive years.
  • Endowment: Donors are encouraged to make a gift of 500,000 RMB or more in one payment to set up an endowment for the research fund. The revenue of the endowment will support the program while part of the revenue will refund the principal for sustainability of the endowment.
Donor Recognition:
  • For donations to the above annual program or endowment, the donors are entitled to name the program, such as in ˇ°Peking University YKM Student Research Fund.ˇ±
  • The name of the fund will receive recognition in publications generated from the research program.
  • Donations less than the amount requested in the annual program or the endowment will be added up into the ˇ°Peking University Student Research Fund.ˇ± The donors will be acknowledged in the annual reports of PKUEF (USA).
The program is carried out on the basis of academic years at Peking University:
  • Research funds and application procedures will be announced on campus in the Spring;
  • Peking University Office for Education Administration will organize an expert committee to evaluate the proposals. The evaluation and selection will be completed by Mid-September. For the admitted research programs, final reports are required by the next September.

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