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General Information


The Peking University Education Foundation (USA) (“PKUEF (USA)”) was established in 2001 as a California based nonprofit corporation that qualifies for US federal tax exemption under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The EIN number is 943278466. Its mission and purpose are to strengthen ties between Peking University (PKU) and North America, raise funds from alumni and friends to advance PKU's research and teaching, and improve the communication and cooperation between North American regions and PKU.

How to Deduct Your Donation

PKUEF (USA) is a non-profit organization and qualifies for US federal tax exemption under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is authorized to act as trustee of trusts as defined in the Federal Tax Reform Act. The office of PKUEF (USA) will send an official acknowledgement letter to every donor for the US federal tax deduction purpose.

How You Can Support PKUEF(USA)

Gifts can be directed toward a variety of purposes (teaching, research and services) at PKU or at PKUEF (USA). Donors can select a specific purpose that matches their personal interests. In general, PKU needs gifts in the following areas: Scholarships that make it possible for talented students to be able to afford a Peking University education. Faculty Chairs that need support to hire and invite top faculty from the world to teach at PKU, strengthen teaching, and develop new courses. Programs of Teaching and Research Development in the basic sciences, medicine, humanities, and other areas that broaden understanding of our world, and advance studies and development. Programs of International Exchange that improve life in the greater PKU area and invest in the next generation of students and leaders in PKU's community. Other Awards may be designed by individual benefactors may consider proper in supporting the PKU.

The Supervision of the Gifts and Report

PKUEF (USA) is subject to the auditing and supervision under the US laws. All donors to the PKUEF (USA) are listed in the "Individual Contributors Report" published annually. An official report is also issued annually by the office of PKUEF (USA) to all donors regarding the usage and proceeding of the gift to assure the donation is used properly.

How to Contact US

To contact the Office of PKUEF in US:

Office of PKUEF (USA)

475 El Camino Real, Suite 401,

Millbrae, CA 94030 USA

Tel: 650-259-9883


Website: http://


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