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what's new
Update of the China Earthquake Relief Fund at PKUEF (USA)(As of June 17, 2008)
AlumniConference/Wei Ming Forum/Charity Banquet Announcements
Peking University Table Tennis Delegation Visited the U.S.
Mr. Leo KoGuan Addressed at Peking University Opening Ceremony for Academic Year 2006
PKUEF (USA) Board Meeting 2006 in San Francisco
Xu Zhihong and Hai Wen Addressed at First Weiming Forum
PKU Mid-Autumn Charity Evening Raised Funds in San Jose
Peking University Alumni Associations in North America Held Second Conference
Donors visiting PKU in 2005
The Annual Board Meeting of PKUEF
Contribution to PKU from Alumni in 2005
The 1st Award Ceremony of ¡°Wang Moren Novel Prize for Chinese Majors of Peking University¡± held
The Award Ceremony for the 3rd ¡°Paul Shin-Piaw Choong Fund for Physics¡± Held in Peking University
Peking University Education Foundation (USA) Raise $480k in 2004
PKU Student Art Troupe¡¯s Visit to America: A Huge Success
60 Alumni in PUAA-DC Make Gifts to ¡°Love Alma Mater¡± program
Peking University Olympic Pingpong Gymnasium
Tang Chuanji Endowed Chair Fund established
J.T.Tai Visits Beida
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